What qualifies you as the best candidate for this position?

I am the best candidate for this position because I am committed to improving the experience in general sessions court for all involved – both litigants, attorneys, witnesses, and family members. I will run a court that is on time, efficient, fair, and impartial. Too many people come to court terrified of the figure in the black robe. This problem intensifies when the judge is moody, testy, inconsistent, snappy, bitter, or arrogant. I will bring NONE of these qualities to the bench. Instead, I will come to my work, my life mission, and my service every day with a smile on my face, with an attitude that radiates positivity, and a mindset dedicated to doing justice. I am the best candidate because I have practiced in different general sessions courts in several counties in Tennessee. I have practiced in general sessions courts in not only Davidson County but also in Sumner, Robertson, and Williamson County. I have been before many general sessions judges. I know what it is like for that person facing criminal charges. I know what it is like for those attorneys doing appointed case work. I know what it is like to have a judge snap at you or yell at you for little to no reason. I want to make a difference, to turn this general sessions court into a court for the community, for the people. I am the best candidate for this position.

What are the most pressing issues facing the public that you plan to address?

The most pressing issues facing the public that I plan to address are lack of access to justice, drug addition, mental health problems, and a court system that requires too many court appearances. I will address each one of these issues with fresh ideas, a spirit of vigor, and a heart for change. My court will be a place where people can come to seek justice, whether that be in the criminal or civil law realm. I will take the time to stop and listen to every litigant in my courtroom. Everyone in my courtroom is important. There will not be elitism or favoritism in my courtroom. I did not grow up in country clubs; I grew up working hard every day. That is what I will do as General Sessions Judge in Davidson County. Drug addiction is a monstrous problem in society. Many of my clients committed crimes to feed their drug addiction, plain and simple. We will never fix the problem if we just lock people up without addressing the underlying substance abuse problem. I will search for community partnerships and take a lead in having a drug court that will help people in need. The mental health crisis in the United States is staggering. Too many people facing criminal charges – and frankly too many of the people in our city that are houseless – have mental illnesses. People need treatment, not punishment. I will be proactive in looking for creative ways to address this issue. In too many cases, litigants have to come to court for court appearances that do not accomplish anything. I will work hard to ensure that we have an efficient court system that does not force people to take time off work and from their families more than necessary. We can do better to have a more efficient system. I have a M.B.A. and have managed several businesses. I look forward to the challenge. Finally, the most pressing issue facing every individual court varies with the legal problem or situation that they face. It could be someone who is facing serious criminal charges. It could be someone who is facing eviction. It could be someone who was cheated in a breach of contract case. A reason I love general sessions court is it is a place where people’s problems can be addressed and solved. I look forward to the opportunity to serve Davidson County.

What will be your top priority if you are elected and how will you achieve that goal?

My top priority will be to treat every person who enters the courtroom with the respect and dignity they deserve. General Sessions Court with Judge Brian Horowitz presiding will be a place to be heard by someone who will listen. I will not patronize, chastise, and abuse the power of my position. Instead, I will conduct myself as I do in my life — I treat people fairly and equitably. There is not an elitist bone in my body. I love all people, I love interacting with people, and I love learning from different people. We all are on this earth for a precious short amount of time. Let’s make the most of it. Let’s turn negativity into positivity the best that we can. I will bring a mindset and spirit that will be contagious – the courtroom will be the place that attorneys want to practice in, where litigants want to tell their stories, and where justice will be served.