What Does It Mean?

Green represents many things. First, Brian always wears a green sport coat to court and is easily recognized in the sea of black and gray suits. It’s part of his brand and personality. More importantly, the color green represents his values as a criminal defense attorney and the qualities he will bring to the bench.

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Brian Horowitz


As a successful street lawyer, Brian knows first-hand that the people of Davidson County deserve a better, more positive experience when they enter our courts. They deserve a Judge who will both obey the law, but also accept creative pleas that avoid lifelong criminal records for some of Nashville’s most vulnerable individuals.

Born and raised right here in Nashville, Brian is uniquely qualified to make a difference within our court system. His father attended one of the first integrated classes at Meharry Medical College and his mother graduated from Lipscomb Academy. From an early age, Brian was taught the values of inclusion and faith.

Upon graduation from Battle Ground Academy, Brian took his talents to the University of Tennessee, where he earned a degree in Finance. Almost all judgments have a financial component, and it’s incredibly important to practice fiscal responsibility from the bench. Brian understands that participants in the courtroom come from all economic classes, and the ability of those participants to pay fines and fees should be taken into account. We have to STOP criminalizing poverty.


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